Feeling a little weak??

I have been feeling a little weak of late….

Work has been filled with pressure and deadlines, my kids have been acting like pure delinquents and because I have no longer been exercising my body has just been feeling yucky!


All this made me feel like a total failure in all aspects of my life.  I was just not winning and felt like I was hardly surviving.

Then I realised that feeling sorry for myself was not going to work.  I have to think like the warrior that I know I have living inside of me…even if my inner warrior was now overweight and would rather watch The American Housewife while eating chocolate instead waging war with her overflowing email inbox or the monstrous load of laundry that needs to be packed away.

I guess what I am getting to is that it is  absolutely fine to feel low but that we just have to get back up! Take time to focus on what is important and then continue to save the world, or at least try and win the battle of the laundry basket.



Be Bold!



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