Raising men…

Being a mother of two boys has been a very interesting journey for me thus far.

Like any parent, my hopes and dreams are for them to be kind, honest and successful but, most of all to be confident and strong and live a life of integrity.

I always thought that I wanted them to live in a world where things like race, religious and social preferences would not affect or bother them at all.  I wanted them to grow up in a world where they are “colour blind”. But the truth is, and this I realised after attending a workshop,  that everyone does see colour and race and religion and sexual orientation and status and and…but it is how we deal with these things that are important.


I want my boys growing up proud of who they are…strong black men.  I know that they have to work twice as hard and as smart to prove themselves at school, on the sports field, and in the world.  People are surprised when black boys are well mannered and articulate because they expect them to be wild, undisciplined, uncultured.  And when they excel, people are even more surprised. Because of all the gangsterism and crime in our communities, people are surprised that there is actually diligent and honest folk that can come out of our communities.

I guess what I am trying to say that I want my boys to be loving, honest kind and considerate but I want them to know that they should not consider themselves to be inferior to anyone purely based on the colour of their skin,  their social status or their beliefs. I guess I am scared that they will be like me as I always felt that I lacked something because of who I was and where I came from.


I want them not to waste any opportunities that can turn them into the best human beings that they can possibly be.

Happy Tuesday!!


SFW xx







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