The New neighbours

I have been living in the middle of two houses that have both been occupied by older people (old enough to receive SASSA pension grants).  Recently one of the neighbours sold their house and two days ago my new neighbours moved in.

They are friendly. And it’s kind of nice to not feel as if I am living in a retirement village.  But I have to admit, I am super jealous of S&A.

  1. They are super thin and have perfect bodies
  2. They actually look good in gym wear
  3. Its all romantic moving into your home (without having kids)
  4. They have no kids….I remember when Nick and I moved into our first place, moving house without kids is so much easier.

But I also like that fact that we are already settled and have the marriage, house and kids thing sorted.  I am glad that when we moved house two years ago, we could share the special moment with our children and they could decide which bedrooms they wanted and how we would decorate their rooms (we still have not gotten down to doing that yet).

I actually got on really well with my neighbour that has moved and I will miss her.  Here’s to hoping that the new ones like having us as neighbours and that they don’t call social services for all the noise that come from my house.

Happy Reading!


SFW xx


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