True Friends ask the difficult questions…Thoughtful Thursday

I have this friend.  Well,I have had her for almost 28 years.  Yes,we have been buddies since primary school.  We helped each other through primary school, guided each other through an all-girl high school and she was the maid of honour at my wedding. Then life happened…and we drifted apart yet we still stayed in touch with one another.

Recently, and I should add, by the Grace of God, we have managed to find our way back into each other lives.  We are really close again & what makes it better is that our husbands, who have only just met, also get along.


I found her at a time when life did not make sense to me and I was starting to question the “friends” or lack thereof I had in my life.  Even though I was constantly surrounded by people, I felt lonely, misunderstood and that I had to put up pretenses in order to be accepted.  The friends I had somehow only stuck with me while I was of use to them and discarded of me quite easily when my need as a friend became redundant.

And just like that, she came back to me.  I then realised that God always knows exactly what we need and when we need it.  We had to be apart and experience different things in life without each other so that we could use the lessons we have learned to guide and teach each other.

We chat daily about everything and anything.  We look forward to spending time together and are always looking out for one another.  But most importantly, we ask each other the difficult questions.  We don’t have to pretend, we can be ugly and truthful and we know that we can be each other’s safe space, without being judged!

This to me is what a true friend is about, a best friend will be there for the good but a true friend is always there!






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