Jumpsuits, New Jobs & Life Lessons

Life is looking all fresh and new on my side.

I have recently started a new job…as in 3 days ago.  And on the first day, knowing that it would be a more casual day due to staff training and meetings …I decided that in order to impress but still look cool and comfy I would wear my favourite jumpsuit that I bought from Mr Price a few years back (definitely one of my best buys from there).  This I paired with my floral satin bomber jacket and a pair of ankle boots.


Needless to say I looked fly ( sad I forgot to take a picture) and really felt confident.  HOWEVER,  If I never taught you anything of value….and if this is the only thing that you will ever learn from me in your lifetime let me tell you this.

Never, ever, wear a jumpsuit on your first day at a new job.  Especially if you don’t know how many meetings you will need to attend and then also realise that the toilets are FAR from your office and you have run when your “need arises”.

It was mad crazy and I nearly wet myself on my very first day at my new job.

But that aint never gonna happen again, and hopefully not to any of you either…

Cheers to new beginnings!!!!






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