The Second Wives Club/Syndrome…It’s a thing

So reuniting with my old friend recently has brought about another true (and new) friendship that I have gained.

Recently the wives were chatting while the men were braai-ng, I discovered that our new friend is also a “second wife”, just like my buddy old pal from years ago.  They were mentioning things about how they make sure when the 1st wife fetched the kids or when they know they are going to meet her that they ensure that they look their absolute best.  This is so that 1st wife can never have anything bad to say about their appearance.

I see how they are on their toes and walking on eggshells when it’s their weekend with the stepchildren as they never want the 1st wife to think that the kids are not treated fairly or are not well taken care of.

This is what I have to say to them, even though I am the first wife.  I look at them and see how awesome they treat children that are not their own.  If ever hubby and I are not together (I pray that this will never ever happen), that my boys will have women in their lives that treat them as well as I see these two marvelous women treating their husbands’ children.  I know as women we compare ourselves to each other but I want them to know that they are amazing.


There were reasons why the 1st marriage did not work out – and I don’t know what the reasons were but they have to live in the ‘now’. They have the man, they love the man and he loves them and they take care of children born not our of their own bodies…and that to me is good enough.

Who cares about wife #1 and what she has to say or how you look when she is around.  As long as your heart is good and have nothing to worry about.



Cheers for now.




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